BLESSED HANDS is a project from divine collaborators Napaquetzalli and Devin Antheus. As spiritworkers and initiates of the Flowering Path we bring you magic from our unique ancestral currents- curated for the gods and those who favor them.

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DIVINE LOVE Package Includes:  

*Queer Rituals for Self-Love zine

*On Flora, or When Our Spirits Riot & the Body Glows zine

*First Protocols of Queer Goetia (Read more)

*Sapphomanteion Pocket Oracle (Read more)

*Nietzschemanteion Pocket Oracle (Read more) 

*3 oracle dice (assorted colors)

*Apocalypse Luv Potion 4oz bottle 

BLESSED HANDS Divine Love Package


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    Please be advised:

    I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose physical conditions. I provide herbal suggestions and lifestyle recommendations to help facilitate your personal wellness. If you need medical attention, please contact a licensed physician.

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