A special limited edition scent from our favorite indie perfumer Mauricio Garcia of Herbcraft Perfumery. Comissioned by BLESSED HANDS and consecrated during Floralia 2020. FLORA: the signature scent of the Flowering Path. Presale, ships in mid May 2020. 

From perfumer Mauricio Garcia: 

“The bowls before the altar overflow with offerings: fruit, pearls, silk, resins, perfumed water. The cups are filled with sweet wine, the candles kept lit from dawn and through the night.

The air around the altar is golden and filled with smoke. The bed is strewn with fragrant jasmine, honeysuckle, wild iris, wood violet, rose petals.

Fur and silk slide across blessed skin like water, like the languid slide of the serpent’s scales against itself.

Embodiments and incarnations of beauty woven together into a fragrant vessel to contain the memory of Flora: a key to the portal that leads to abundance and liberation.”

Learn more about Herbcraft Perfumery here. 
Notes: bergamot, guava, cognanc, rose, jasmine, honeysuckle, coffee flower, violet, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, soft musk, vanilla, pink pepper, cardamom. 6ml bottle.

FLORA parfum by Herbcraft Perfumery