It has always been my aim as a healer to reconnect folks to their own relationship with the divine, and to empower our own innate healing gifts which we all carry within us.


For those needing support on that path, looking to heal themselves, connect with ancestral spiritual practices, or wanting to pass these traditions on within their family lineages, I will be offering my wisdom in this online training.  


In Foundations of Curanderismo, we will cover the Mesoamerican healing practices that have been passed down to me through a lifetime of working with my ancestral medicines. Topics covered will include: herbal remedios and medicine making, physical/spiritual energetics and bodywork, different types of limpias/rituals + other cleansing modalities for trauma, methods of energetic protection, spiritual baths and steams (baños and bajos), and much more. 


*THIS INCLUDES 3 LIVE CLASSES ONLY. A supply list will be sent to you to acquire the supplies needed to follow along with the class.