Herbal and magical baths are a powerful and effective tool for energetic cleansing, upliftment and spiritual communication/connection. We use baths as a key component to ritual and manifestation work to fully integrate our magic into our spirits and physical body. With our bodies as the vessel, ritual baths help us embody our magic fully. Spiritual bathing can take many forms and can be adapted with whatever we have access to. 


Join me for an hands-on class where we will discuss the theory and practice of spiritual baths, the ritual uses of water and common ritual plants/herbs, and how to mix them for specific intentions. Spiritual baths are one of the most potent acts to elevate your ritual practice, and Napaquetzalli aims to empower everyone with the skills to create their own unique blends. Participants will be given specific recipes to follow along at home if you choose, and an optional supply kit is available to order for mail delivery!  Come prepared to delve into some serious magic. 


$30 for access to live class only. Supply list will be provided for those who choose this option to access/harvest your own herbs and ingredients.