Another divine scent collaboration with Herbcraft Perfumery!  Introducing LA FLACA, a offering to the Skinny Lady, la Santísima Muerte. A most beloved protectress, this parfum is a channeled vision composed of many of her traditional offerings. Consecrated under the full moon in preparation for her holy birthday, Dia de los Muertos. 

“Enlighten with your holy presence, my home, my work and those of my loved ones. Award us love, prosperity, health and well-being. Blessed and praised be your charity Holy Death. Lord, I give your infinite thanks because in the midst of these tests, I have your Holy Blessing. Amen”  

La Flaca - 6ml
Notes: tequila, cannabis, tobacco, myrrh, cempasuchil, elder flower, white rose, lily, jasmine, bay leaf, graveyard dirt, oak barrel, patchouli, civet, labdanum, honey, musk

LA FLACA parfum by Herbcraft Perfumery