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Join us for a intensive journey into the realm of Protection Magic on Friday, October 13th from 4-6pm PST via Zoom. In this workshop, we'll delve deep into the potent world of magical practices designed to safeguard yourself, your spaces, and your loved ones.

Unveil the secrets of cherished herbs, time-tested techniques, and powerful talismans for enhancing energetic and spiritual protection. Learn to infuse your surroundings with positive energy, shield against negativity, and invite harmony into your life.

What to Expect:
-  Discover My Favorite Herbs: Uncover the mystical properties of select herbs that hold incredible protective energy for use in defensive magic. 
-  Techniques for Energetic Protection: Explore specialized techniques to shield yourself and your spaces from negative energies.
-  Power of Talismans: Unlock the ancient wisdom of talismans and amulets to bolster your spiritual defenses.
-  Blessings and Rituals: Embrace rituals to invoke blessings and maintain a sacred, protected space in your life.

By the end of this workshop, you'll possess the knowledge and tools to weave a protective enchantment around yourself and your cherished surroundings. Let's embark on this magical journey and fortify our spiritual realms together!

PROTECTION MAGIC online workshop 10/13/23

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