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Step into the realm of ancient traditions and mystical practices with this transformative Spiritual Baths online workshop. Immerse yourself in the world of energetic cleansing, spiritual connection, and personal upliftment through the power of ritual baths. 


Journey with us as we explore how the fusion of water, plants, and intention can become a conduit for embodying your magic and aligning it with your physical and spiritual self. Ritual baths, the cornerstone of many spiritual practices, offer a sacred space for the integration of magic into every fiber of your being.


Our hands-on class invites you to uncover the theories and practical applications behind spiritual baths. Delve into the synergy of water and botanicals, understanding their ritual significance and how they can be harmonized to serve specific intentions. Whether you have a fully-stocked apothecary or just grabbing herbs from the local market, this adaptable practice can be tailored to what you have at hand.


Herbalist and healer Napaquetzalli will guide you through the art of crafting your own unique blends, empowering you to elevate your ritual craft. With carefully curated recipes at your fingertips, you can follow along from the comfort of your home, infusing each bath with your energy. 


Dive into the depths of magic with us!


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