aligning body + spirit with ancestral wisdom

Napaquetzalli provides ritual healing services and herbal remedies grounded in Mexican folk medicine/curanderismo.

Napaquetzalli ofrece rituales de sanación y remedios de hierbas del curanderismo Mexicano.

Se habla español. 

"Zanlo in xochitl tonequimilol, zanio in cuicatl ic huehuetzin telel a in tlalticpac. 


Only flowers are our adornment, only songs turn our suffering to delight on earth."


-Nezahualcoyotl, Cantares Mexicanos #40

Looking to begin your healing journey?

All appointments at:

Casa Bruja 

42 Castle Manor Ave

San Francisco, CA 94112 

Please be advised:

I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose physical conditions. I provide herbal suggestions and lifestyle recommendations to help facilitate your personal wellness. If you need medical attention, please contact a licensed physician.

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