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Napaquetzalli Martinez

Napaquetzalli is an indigenous healer and herbalist of Yaqui/Purepecha descent. She grew up in Southern California in a family of artists devoted to their ancestral practices. Being raised in a ceremonial way of life, Napaquetzalli has always been deeply in tune to her intuitive connection to spirit and nature.


Napa has continued her studies of curanderismo and indigenous healing through the Ancestral Apothecary school in Oakland, CA, as well as training with renowned traditional healer Doña Enriqueta Contreras in Oaxaca, Mexico. She is a co-founder or Curanderas Sin Fronteras, a collective that provides wellness services to Latinx communities in the Bay Area and beyond.


She studied Western herbalism at the California School of Herbal Studies in 2016 and has worked in herbal apothecaries for many years, most currently as a clinical herbalist and teacher at the Scarlet Sage Herb Co. in San Francisco.  In 2022 Napaquetzalli wrote the ASK A WITCH column for NYLON magazine and was able to share her guidance for spiritual healing and ancestral connection with a wide audience. 

Napaquetzalli is committed to providing culturally relevant and accessible medicine to her communities and helping folks reconnect to intuitive and ancestral knowledge as a source of guidance. Her practice is rooted in self-healing as a method to decolonize our relationships to the earth, our bodies and each other.


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