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Limpias/ Spiritual Cleansing 

Limpias are a ritual practice used in many cultures indigenous to this continent, especially in Mexican curanderismo/folk medicine. 

Limpias/Spiritual Cleansings are done with fresh plants, flowers, prayers and intention. Different styles, including limpias with eggs/huevos are also used when needed. We traditionally use limpias to emotional and spiritual imbalances, or after acute shock and trauma to support the spirit and emotional body. Limpias can help us during any major life transitions, to help shed stagnant energy and to call in balance and clarity. 

It is a beautiful process that helps one release emotions in a safe space with the guidance of plant guides  and ancestors.


Please dress comfortably to limpia sessions and with a jacket/sweater for afterwards. 

— $150

1 Hour Session

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energetic healing. Reiki practice involves gentle touch and meditative channeling which aligns the energetic field, helping us move stagnant or low vibrational energy and harness our innate ability to heal.

Reiki is helpful for easing pain, stress, and anxiety as well as a great tool in all stages of life in which we need to balance our energy and emotions. 

Napaquetzalli was trained in Usui Reiki by master practitioner Randall Cleveland. 

— $75

45 min Session

Herbal Wellness Consultations 

For physical or emotional concerns, wellness consults give us time to talk about herbal and spiritual resources that can facilitate healing for you. We can discuss 1-2 physical or emotional imbalance and I can provide custom suggestions including herbal remedies, energetic tools, lifestyle recommendations, and spiritual guidance. Napa is a highly experienced and trained clinical Western herbalist and can advise on most health concerns.

— $75

1 Hour Session

Flower Essence Consultations 

We can discuss current emotional and physical processes, as well as goals and healing intentions and design a custom vibrational remedy to facilitate your unique journey and manifestations. Flower and gem essences help us address root causes of our imbalances and facilitate healing on a core vibrational level. 


Essences are energetic remedies that harness the spiritual message of a flower or crystal imprinted in water as a vessel. They do not have a strong smell or taste but work on a soul-level, creating profound shifts and transformations as well as helping acutely in moments of crisis. 


Each session includes a grounding ritual to help us tap into the language of the essences, a personalized 1oz. formula, and detailed write-up of the essences and ingredients used in your blend. 


Essence refills can be done for $15. 

— $100

1 Hour Session


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