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For participants of the 8-week intensive CURANDERISMO COMUNIDAD program by Ancestral Arts, we've crafted a comprehensive kit to kickstart your journey towards rekindling ancestral medicine and healing traditions. Our kit features essential tools including:


1 Faja

A woven belt used for energetic protection. 


1 Sahumador 

A clay vessel used for burning sacred incenses and resins. 


Sacred Smoke Blend + Charcoal briquettes

Includes a blend of native California sages, mugwort, and copal sourced from Bacalar Mexico. Specially designed for ritual or ceremony.


Agua Florida Herb Kits 

Includes the ingredients needed to craft a powerful Agua Florida.  Includes an assortment of dried herbs, spices, and citruses to craft your own protection spray at home. 


Pericon Flower Essence (Grandmother Plant)

A preserved essence of the Grandmother plant of Mexican Curanderismo. Helps us remember and reclaim our own magic.


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