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Napaquetzalli is a highly experienced clinical herbalist and healer with a passion for making custom ritual and medicinal blends.


MEDICINAL TEAS are an excellent way to nourish, hyrdate and support the body using specific herbs for your health concerns and goals. Napa has experience supporting most health concerns with herbs including:

-sleep issues

-anxiety and stress

-hormone balance and menstrual irregularities

-skin conditions

-allergies & immune support

-increasing energy and emotional balance

-detox and liver support

and much more


Each custom blend comes with a specially made formula of organic herbs matching your unique physical and spiritual needs along with reusable tea bag and instructions for medicinal herb preparations. Includes a one month supply of herbs.



Please include in the "NOTES" any intentions for your custom blend including spiritual/energetic or physical symptoms etc. Include any relevant info including age, any medications being taken, or chronic health issues.


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